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Project Description

The Focklers are a blues band based out of the GTA and London. But Shuffle artistic director Tim Sinnett had to travel all the way to Memphis to discover the Ontario band when they competed in the 2017 International Blues Chellenge. He knew right away, The Shuffle had to bring this hot young band to Thorold.
The Focklers’ frontman, Patrick Fockler, is the driving force behind the band. His influences and relentless study of his craft can be seen first hand at any of our shows. His charisma and passion for the blues is rooted deep, and this honesty is what keeps people coming back wanting more.
Opening up for the likes of Blues Legends David Wilcox, and The Edgar Winter Group this past year in London, it’s safe to say that we are motivated now more than ever to continue pursuing our passion for music.