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Project Description

Jenie Thai is effervescent, finding her greatest power in swaying to or belting out blues and soul.”
Edmonton Journal, Roger Levesque

“Jenie Thai is an uncommon talent, full of life and zest and sparkling energy. While based in the blues, this woman’s music is passionate pop with style and guts and a cheeky smile that will light up audiences wherever and whenever she plays.”
Flohil and Associates Publicity and Concert Promotions, Richard Flohil
“Jenie Thai is one of the most naturally gifted musicians we’ve ever worked with. She has the uncanny gift of making familiar songs sound brand new – and when we heard her original songs, it felt like we had known them for years.”
Music By The Bay Live Concert Series, Lori and Paul Murray
“Jenie Thai is one of the most inspirational Roots piano players I have seen in a long, long time. She brings both a Blues & Boogie Woogie sensibility to her music and then, infuses it with her young exuberant songwriting. It is an infectious mix of old & new, raw & pristine, sad & joyous and they all work. It is Jazz, It is Blues, It is Roots but it is also a modern style of popularity that sucks you in the way Norah Jones does…..
“Only The Moon’ is one of my favourite albums of 2014! Try it you’ll like it.”
Host of Sunday Morning Soul, Johnny Max